Why I'm not an expert

Working in a technical profession I am compelled to keep abreast of new tools and techniques; however the sheer volume of new languages, frameworks, libraries and associated best practice can make this compulsion exhausting!

Beyond basic awareness many people have a desire to become experts in these tools before they feel comfortable using them. This aspiration can become paralysing, resulting in a fear or reluctance to move away from the comfort of previous experience.

This fear is normal, but unfounded; many years ago I took the conscious decision to opt for a breadth first learning approach. I had not heard the term at the time and it was more a desire to understand all the options before diving in but I have continued to focus on learning new things versus becoming expert in one.

You can listen to an excellent talk from Don Norman describing depth and breadth first learning here https://www.ted.com/talks/donnormanondesignand_emotion/

When choosing a technical platform for this blog I went through many different options before choosing GatsbyJS.




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